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Non-governmental Organization (NGOs)

List of projects calling for NGOs' aids in Bac Giang Province

Integration & Development

Since the establishment of diplomatic relation in 1992, the relation between Vietnam and Korea has been strengthened and developed. The two countries have developed their constructive and long standing relationship based on mutual trust and benefits. This gave a base for enterprises of the two countries to cooperate and foster their joint ventures for economic development.

External Information and Culture

Khe Ro Nature Reserve
Located in An Lac commune, Son Dong District, Bac Giang Province, Khe Ro Nature Reserve is about 80 kilometers away from Bac Giang city to the north-east. The Nature Reserve occupies an area of 7,153 ha within three basins namely Khe Ro, Khe Din and Khe Nuoc Vang. Its height increases steadily from Northeast to Southwest, with the highest peak of 650m. While there are mountain ranges with gentle slopes in the northeast, the terrain in the Southwest tends to be high and abrupt with steep slopes and cliffs.

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