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Bac Giang: Attended the fourth food festival 2016

On December 11th in Hanoi, Service Department for Diplomatic Corps (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) held the fourth food festival 2016 with the participation of embassies, foreign cultural center in Vietnam, Foreign Affairs department of provinces, agencies of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and some enterprises and units under the sponsor of Ambassador Nguyen Nguyet Nga, wife of the Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Foreign Affairs. 


Officers of Bac Giang Department of Foreign Affairs were introducing local products to customers (Photo: Thu Thuy)

In her opening speech, Ambassador Nguyen Nguyet Nga showed her joy and stressed: “this program is held to celebrate the establishment of ASEAN community and orient to the upcoming APEC year 2017. It is also an occasion for countries to promote cultural exchange and deepen mutual understanding. This is a chance to show off Vietnam’s tourism to foreign friends through embassies and foreign cultural centers.” The cuisine festival included over 100 stalls from embassies, foreign cultural centers, units of ministry of foreign affairs, provincial department of foreign affairs, some enterprises and sponsored agencies.

The main activities included introducing typical cuisines of Vietnam and other countries; cultural exchange; display and sale of typical fine art and handicraft products, souvenirs of trade villages from different provinces; receiving contribution of units, individuals for charity purposes and presenting charitable gifts.

The stall of Bac Giang DOFA attended the fourth international cuisine festival 2016 (photo: Thu Thuy)

This year cuisine festival is not only an occasion for countries to exchange culture, strengthen mutual understanding and introduce Vietnam tourism picture to international friends through important connecting bridges including foreign embassies and cultural centers, but also a chance for enterprises in Vietnam to advertise their trademarks, business activities and services to international friends as well as the event participants.

By this cuisine festival, all money subscribed to raise charity fund will be given to people in difficulty, especially the children in Vu Quang district (Ha Tinh province).

As can be known that within the past three years, thanks to this annual event, nearly 700 million dong has been collected from attending organizations and individuals to support for the disabled, orphans, poor women and specially difficult cases nationwide.

                                                                                                                          Van Nguyen (translated)

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