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Bac Giang Litchi is certified to meet Global Gap Standards

The Ministry of Science and Technology has recently awarded the GlobalGAP certificate for the litchi production area in Bac Giang province.

This is an outcome of the “intensive farming of litchi for export” model Ắc quy xe máy implemented by the Area Development and Research Institute (the Ministry of Science and Technology) at Hong Giang commune (Luc Ngan district). With the production area of 5 hectares, this model has been awarded GlobalGAP certification by Bureau Veritas, a global company in testing, inspection and certification services.

Caring litchi tree to reach Global GAP standard at litchi production area in Bac Giang province

GLOBALGAP is an Máy xay giò chả internationally recognized set of farm standards dedicated to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). This set of standards is designed for voluntary application in global agricultural production (cultivation, livestock and aquaculture). The GlobalGAP standards help producers comply with the standards being adopted across Europe and around the globe in food safety, sustainable production methods and responsible use of water, feed mixtures http://royalplus.net/gom-xit-toc.html and plant propagation materials.

By 2015, the total area for litchi planting in Bac Giang province reached over 31 thousand hectares with the output of 195 thousand tons of fresh fruit (equivalent to the output of 2014). Luc Ngan litchi production area covers an area of 16, 293 hectares with the output of 118,000 tons. The litchi production area under VietGAp standards in the province is about 12,300 hectares( increasing by 2,800 hectares compared to 2014), with the output of  80,000 tons; particularly, there  are 100 hectares of litchi production under GlobalGap standards with the output of 600 tons for export to  new and difficult market.

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