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Establishment and Development

Bac Giang Department of Foreign Affairs (Bac Giang DOFA) was established under Ắc quy xe máy the Decision No.280/QD-UBND dated August 31, 2012 of the Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) of Bac Giang with the main function of advising the PPC in terms of state management of the provincial foreign affairs and public services of the DOFA. 

Announcing Ceremony of the Establishment of Bac Giang DOFA 

Bac Giang DOFA was founded based on Váy cưới the separation and upgrade of the Division for Foreign Affairs from the General Office of the PPC to become a department under the PPC. In the very first period, DOFA only had the staff of 8 officers who had been transferred from other provincial agencies. At that time, the Department had to rent the headquarter located at the Province’s Guest House.  Up to present, the Department has its spacious headquarter with relatively sufficient facilities and the strengthened staff. The total regular staff of the Department are 15, comprising one director, two deputy directors, noi that hoa phat 3 heads and deputy heads of divisions and divisional-level office, 8 officers and 1 person working under Labor Contract no.68. The majority of civil servants and staffs of the department have good professional qualifications (93.3% of the staff having university degree or higher, including 5 masters and 9 bachelors). The organizational structure consists of four specialized divisions and one public service delivery unit including Office, International Cooperation, Culture-Protocol &Press, Consular affairs and Overseas Vietnamese and Center for Foreign máy xay thịt làm giò chả Information and Services. The organizations of the Department such as Party cell, Labor Union and Youth Union have gradually been coming into stable operation.

After nearly 3 years of establishment, Bac Giang Department of Foreign Affairs has taken advantage of favorable factors to gradually overcome difficulties and challenges in the integration and development process and to achieve further successes, contributing to socio-economic development Loa phóng thanh of the province. 

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