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Lãnh đạo sở

1. Mr. Do Quoc Tuan - Director

Tel: (0240) 3-992-628

Email: tuandq_sngv@bacgiang.gov.vn

Being responsible for the overall operation of the Department to Ắc quy xe máy the Provincial Party Committee, Provincial People's Council and Provincial People's Committee (PPC), the PPC’s Chairman and by the law and being responsible for the professional tasks to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Advising the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council and People's Committee on such following key points as development orientation and programs/projects on external activities and international Dầu dừa nguyên chất integration of the province; state management of foreign affairs in the province;

Taking initiative or coordinating with other departments, agencies and local authorities to propose the province’s agenda in programs/schemes/projects for external relations; advising the signing, monitoring and implementation of international cooperation agreements and frameworks.

Being in charge of people-to-people external affairs, economic diplomacy, international Loa phóng thanh integration cooperation; foreign NGOs affairs in accordance with functions and duties of the Department.

Directing administrative reforms, personnel and organization, emulation and commendation, financial management and being account holder of the department at the Provincial Treasury. Directly being in ù tai charge of three divisions namely Office, Inspection and International Cooperation.

In terms of foreign affairs of other departments and authorities, monitoring and coordinating with the Departments of Planning and Investment; Home Affairs; Finance; Industry and Trade; Agriculture and Rural Development; Natural Resources and máy viên thịt Environment; Transportation; Construction; The Management Board of Industrial Zones; Medical; Provincial State Inspectorate; Provincial Public Security; Provincial Military Command; Ethnic Affairs; State Bank branches in provinces; Provincial Social Insurance; Department of Taxation; Bureau of Statistics; Union of Friendship Organizations.

2. Mr. Nguyen Quang Tuan – Standing Deputy Director

Tel: (0240) 3-992-269

Email: tuannq@bacgiang.gov.vn

Being standing Deputy Director, on behalf of the Director to manage hoa phat activities of the Department under authorization; being responsible to the director and the law on the assigned and authorized tasks.

Advising the Director of the party foreign affairs, cultural diplomacy, external information dissemination and diplomatic protocol. Implementing the state management of external culture, international workshops and conferences in the province, external information activities and foreign correspondents’ operation in the province and coordinating in the implementation of external information thiết kế nội thất khách sạn dissemination.

In charge of the Party and the mass organization, website, the external bulletin, information technology and quality management system ISO 9001: 2008. Directly being in charge of the Division of Culture, Press and Protocol.

In terms of foreign affairs of other departments, agencies and authorities, monitoring and coordinating with departments of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Information and Communication; Science and gôm sáp vuốt tóc Technology; Bac Giang Newspaper; Bac Giang Radio and Television; press agencies in the province;  the people's committees of Hiep Hoa, Yen Dung, Vietnam Yen and Tan Yen districts and Bac Giang city.

Performing other specific tasks assigned by the Director of the Department.

3. Mr. Nguyen Hoang Trung - Deputy Director

Tel: (0240) 3-992-236

Email: trungnh_sngv@bacgiang.gov.vn

Advising the Department’s Director on Consular and Overseas Ắc quy ô tô Vietnamese affairs. Implementing state management in consular affairs including provincial delegations visiting foreign countries and foreign delegations visiting the province; citizen protection;  seeking for the missing foreigners in the locality and being in charge of professional training in external affairs. Being responsible to the director and the law on the assigned and authorized tasks.

Coordinating in directing the tấm inox Department’s Youth Union. Directly in charge of Division of Consular Affairs and Overseas Vietnamese; Center for Foreign Information and Service.

In term of foreign affairs of other departments, agencies and authorities, monitoring and coordinating with departments of Education and Training; Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs; Justice; Vietnam – Korea College of Technology; Bac Giang Vocational College;  Center for  Training and Nhạc cụ tiến mạnh Manpower; provincial  social-political institutions; the people’s committee of the districts namely Son Dong, Luc Ngan, Luc Nam, Yen The and Lang Giang.

Performing  other specific tasks assigned by the Director of the Department.

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