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Standing Vice Chairman of Bac Giang PPC Bui Van Hanh paid a working visit to Korea: Plenty of new opportunity for investment from Daejin group, Korea

On October 21, the delegation from Bac Giang province headed by Mr. Bui Van Hanh, Standing Vice Chairman of Bac Giang PPC finished their working Ắc quy xe máy visit to Korea. The delegation included 10 members being leaders of Bac Giang Provincial People's Council, Peasant Association, PPC's Office and departments of Foreign Affairs, Health, Education and Training, Planning and Investment, Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, people's committee of Yen Dung district

Standing Vice Chairman of Bac Giang PPC speaking at the meeting with Daejin Group, Korea

Daejin group is a multiple organization working Váy cưới in three major sectors including education, healthcare and social welfare. Daejin group owns three big hospitals in Seoul, two universities, six high schools, two retirement centers, Deasoon Jinrihoe Welfare Fund and a top-ranking Resort in Korea. Daejin group has developed three branches abroad and Vietnam is the fourth country Daejin is studying for investment.

At the meeting with Daejin leaders, Mr. Bui Van Hanh exchanged some information on cooperative relationship between Bac Giang province and Korean noi that hoa phat partners. Up to present, Korea is the leading country in terms of investment projects and the second ranking country in terms of registered capital among nations and territories investing in Bac Giang with 113 investment projects, the total registered capital up to US $472 million. Of the 113 projects, 85 projects of Korean investors have come in to operation and 28 projects are under factory- construction stage due to newly investment registration. The total capital for the projects of Korean investors is estimated at $ US 220 million, mainly in such fields as processing industry and manufacturing (in garment  and Loa phóng thanh electronic components) making great contribution to socio-economic development of the province and creating jobs for more than 48,000 labors in the province.  

Standing Vice Chairman of Bac Giang PPC Bui Van Hanh talking to Mr.Yun Eundo, President of Daejin  group (the 2nd gentleman from left) about  investment opportunities in Bac Giang province

Mr. Hanh highly appreciated the strengths Máy xay giò chả of Daejin group to invest domestically and abroad. He also gave brief introduction about Bac Giang province and recommended the Group support the province in some fields as Culture, Healthcare, Education and Social security. Thereof, it was recommended that Daejin group invest in construction of a complex including Medical College and international-standard hospital to attract students from Bac Giang and other provinces; construction of a general hospital or specialized hospital (optical or cosmetic surgery) meeting international criteria and an international university. Due to the large quantity of labor working abroad from Bac Giang province with about 4,000 people annually, foreign language training is highly required. In addition, the delegation expected the Group to share their experience and invest Buồn nôn in the projects namely construction of retirement centers and centers for disadvantaged children. 

The delegation from Bac Giang province taking photo with the leaders and staff of Daejin group

Bac Giang province is committed to Nước dừa carry out the preferred policies as regulated by Vietnam's government on exemption from land and water surface rent, enterprise income tax and import tax. Besides, the province provides some supporting policies such as infrastructure outside industrial zones including road, electricity, telephone, clean water supply, clearance and recruitment.

Mr. Yun Eundo, President of Daejin group showed his pleasure to welcome Ắc quy khô xe máy and work with Bac Giang delegation and he stressed that strategic relationship between Vietnam and Korea had been constantly strengthened. He affirmed the organizations of the group would keep their greater support to the province in education, healthcare and social security sectors. President of Daejin also stressed that Bac Giang had plenty of advantages for economic and investment development especially plentiful labor market and stable policy. He requested Bac Giang PPC to study and prepare project feasibility to discuss with the Group before his official working session with the leaders of Bac Giang province in the early November.

During their working visit, the delegation also attended the commencement ceremony of Daejin Hospital, Sokcho province, visited Cheseng Hospital gôm xịt tóc in Kyeonggido province and Daejin University. In addition, the delegation visited to study experience in preservation of woodblocks at Haeinsa Daejanggyeong pagoda (Tripitaka Koreana)- where is keeping the famous woodblocks of Korea.

The external activities of the delegation during the Nhạc cụ tiến mạnh past 6 days not only contributed to the success of the visit and a steady vision for the future relationship between Vietnam and Korea but also made a turning point and new opportunity for cooperative relation of Daejin group and Bac Giang province.

Nguyen Hoang Trung, Deputy Director of Bac Giang DoFA




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