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Consular affairs

According to the Vietnamese Embassy in South Africa, the Immigration Act of South Africa does not allow entry or transit using non-machine-readable passports, hand-written and extended passports. This regulation applies to all types of passports and nationals.
On 10th May 2018, the Vietnamese Government issued the Resolution No.54/NQ-CP, which agreed to extend the policy on unilateral visa exemption for citizens of 5 western European countries including United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France and Spain next three years from 1st July 2018 to the end of 30th
Theo thông tin từ Cục Lãnh sự (Bộ Ngoại giao), Đại sứ quán Hàn Quốc đã có công hàm thông báo về việc kéo dài thời gian áp dụng chính sách cấp phiếu xác nhận nhập cảnh đoàn kèm danh sách thành viên đoàn thay vì cấp thị thực nhập cảnh vào hộ chiếu của từng thành viên (sticker) đến hết ngày 31/12/2018.
The People’s Committee of Bac Giang province has issued Plan No.194/KH-UBND on implementing Resolution No.27/NQ-CP dated 5 May 2016 of the Government on overseas Vietnamese affairs
Since 29 May 2016, Vietnam has officially issued one-year multiple visas for American citizens when applying entry visa to Vietnam with the purpose of traveling, conference, meeting, personal purposes or working with agencies, organizations and enterprises in Vietnam.
Since ongoing May 1, individuals who work for representative offices of the international organizations under the United Nations system and foreign experts in Vietnam will be exempted from personal income tax.
From March 10, the government Decree No. 07/2016/ND-CP is taken into effect. This Decreed was signed on January 25 by the Government regulating the details of the commercial law on representative office and branch of foreign traders in Vietnam.
Bac Giang Provincial People’s Committee enacted the Decision no.608/2015/QĐ-UBND on promulgating regulation including 3 chapters and 18 articles on coordination in managing foreign labors working in the province.

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