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Announcement of establishing Center for foreign information and service of Bac Giang province

Center for Foreign Information and Service of Bac Giang province will readily provides the leading services to serve the needs of the domestic and international agencies, organizations, enterprises and individuals as the following:

- Providing and promoting the province’s external information in all fields; Ắc quy xe máy issuing the external information publications.

- Providing services of translation and interpretation of languages such as: English, Japanese, French, Chinese, Korean, German, etc; providing guiders and interpreters for foreign delegations and delegations going abroad, international conferences, meeings, workshops and seminars; welcoming and meeting sessions with foreign delegations in service of all organizations, Máy xay giò chả individuals upon demand.

- Notarizing and editing all translations.

- Consulting, guiding and receiving the documents for consular authentification and legalization to serve all domestic and foreign organizations and individuals.

- Consulting, mobilizing, coordinating and deploying all grant projects funded by giường phụ khách sạn foreign organizations and individuals.

- Promoting and mobilizing foreign investments into the province, consulting and assisting the establishment of enterprises for foreign investors: Consulting all legal affairs, administrative procedures for foreigners to come and learn about the investment, business opportunities and establishing the cooperative ties.

- Training foreign languages at all levels, ù tai particularly listening-speaking skills and language development thinking.

- Supporting procedures of immigration, temporary residence card, APEC Business Travelling Card (ABTC), work permit, passport and visa services, overseas study services.

- Providing consultation services relating to domestic and international laws and regulations for foreign organizations, enterprises and individuals to seek investment and business opportunities in Bac Giang; and for domestic organizations, enterprises and individuals to Tinh dầu dừa seek investment and business opportunities, expand markets in foreign countries.

- Consult, guide all foreign agencies and organizations to open representative offices and project offices in the Bac Giang province.

- Supporting to build programs and implementing all study tours to find markets, look for trade and economic opportunities for provincial delegations in foreign countries and foreign delegations in the province.

- Organizing and coordinating to hold conferences, nhà hàng tiệc cưới meetings, seminars, trade fairs sponsored by and with participation of international organizations and individuals. Providing services for conferences, seminars and events hosted by or with foreigners’ participation in the province-wide.


Contact details: Center for Information and Foreign Service, Bac Giang Department of Foreign Affairs

Address: 10th Floor, Building A, Inter-Agency Offices hoa phat of Bac Giang province, 3/2 Square, Bac Giang city, Vietnam

Tel: +842403992162; Fax: +84 2403-992238; Cell phone: +84 976-024066


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