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Bac Giang to discuss solutions on socio-economic development in 2014

On November 18th, 2013, the regular Ắc quy xe máy conference was chaired by Mr. Nguyen Van Linh, Permanent Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Bac Giang province. This conference aimed to evalutate socio-economic development of Bac Giang province in 2013; establish key objectives, tasks and solutions in 2014.This conference was also attended by Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong, Vice Chairman of the People’s Council of Bac Giang province; and leaders Tinh dầu dừa of provincial departments and districts.


The participants spent most of their time discussing and evaluating socio-economic development  of Bac Giang province in 2013, key objectives, tasks and solutions in 2014; reporting implementation of ghế hòa phát estimated state budget in 2013, and propose estimated state budget in 2014; reporting  budgetary control  in Bac Giang province in 2012; Plan for socio-economic development, basic construction investment and National Target Program in 2014.  


In 2013, economic growth rate (GDP) is estimated at 8.6%, including: 1.7% increase in agro-forestry máy xay thịt làm giò chả and fishery, 13.9% increase in construction-investment, 8.1% increase in service. Production value is estimated at 36,475 billion dong, up by 27.2%; export turnover is estimated at 1.655 billion dong, an increase of 27.5%; total budget revenue in the province is an estimated 2.823 billion dong, rasing by 23% compared to 2012. There are positive achievements in agro-forestry and fishery production, particularly the Máy tăng âm argricultural sector has been restructured towards increasing proportion of livestock and service and reducing proportion of cultivation.Up to now,  Bac Giang has issued more than 30,330 certificates of land use right for the first time to households and individuals, reaching 103.2% of the year plan. The Party and people of Bac Giang have made efforts and determination in constructing tham tu sai gon the homeland and have obtained other achievements in all fields: the continuous economic growth is sustained, the people’s living standards have been improved, Cultural and social affairs have been strongly developed, social security and defense have been sustained.


In 2013, economic growth rate is hoa phat not as high as expected despite surpassing exceeding the national average level. The growth of production value of industries-cottage industries is mainly  achieved in foreign investment areas and  large manufacturing industries;   both non-state and  state-owned enterprises still  face some difficulites; newly-licensed investment projects tend to be small and medium , while large projects have not yet been attracted; investment projects Gốm sứ bát tràng effectiveness remains limited to contribute to state budget; the proportion of business investment capital to total investment capital for social development remains low;  implementation of  some new projects, major projects, NTP projects are not on Máng xối inox 304 schedule;  building  new rural area is not on schedule; complaints and denunciations have not yet been fully resolved ; etc ...


At the conference, leaders of some departments and districts proposed some following ideas about coordination mechanism of tax revenue on land use; upgrade and repair of road at provicial and giường phụ khách sạn district level; and lakes, channels, canals at locality; the dilapidation of  vocational school, school for the gifted. They called for fund to address unlicensed brick kilns and rasing more funds for National Target Program to build new rural areas.


According to the expected outcomes in 2013, the current situation and expectation in 2014, delegates công ty seo tphcm agreed on the approval of the Direction and Tasks of Socio-Economic Development and estimated budget in 2014 with details as follows: GDP growth rate is expected to increase by 9% ( including: 2% rise in agro-forestry and fishery; 14% rise in construction and industry; 8.5 % rise in service); GDP per capita reach 26.8 million dong per person per year ( equivalent to approx.1.250 US dollars), industrial production value reachs 35.600 billion dong; total export turnover reachs 2.100 million US dollars; import turnover reachs 2.150 million US dollars; poverty rate van gió tròn reduces to 9-9.5%...


To give direction for key tasks and solutions on to implementation of socio-economic development plan in 2014, Permanent Vice Chairman of PPC Nguyen Van Linh requested the departments and districts to work out solutions for tackling remaining challenges, Ắc quy ô tô developing business-production activities, attracting investment for the higher year-on-year (YOY) economic growth rate; to implement effectively key socio-economic development program in the period of 2011-2015; to improve quality of socio-economic growth planning and forecasting. To industrialize livestock areas and form large-scale intensive farming areas associated with prevention of disease. Restructure livestock sector towards increasing the proportion of poultry, focusing on  raising pigs , cows and buffalos in the eligible regions.



He stressed that the funds for may loc nuoc nano NTG will be allocated in early 2014, esspecially in key and feasible projects to enhance effectiveness of investment capital and reducing overdue debt in basic construction.  Complete plans on making preschool education acessible for 5-year old children and elementary education acessible at the right age. Promote construction of school facilities towards national standard schools . Conduct comprehensive and timely policies for the devoted , the poor and ethnic minorities .  Pay attention to  training , vocational training , creating jobs , Ắc quy khô xe máy raising incomes for workers, especially rural labors. Strengthen inspection of the budget revenue and expenditure at schools to ensure transparency;  focus on administrative reforms , and strengthen public inspection . In addition,  effectively implement  democracy and reconciliation at work and improve the effectiveness of the reception and settlement of complaints and denunciations ; ensure traffic safety in the province and maintain the results of curbing  traffic accidents ...


Concerning the proposals made by some departments and districts, Permanent Vice Chairman delegated Department of Finance , Investment and Planning to research, consult and report to the provincial people’s committee. In addition, he also assigned Department of Tax, Environment and Resources to closely coordinate in  collection of land rent to avoid revenue loss.


At the conference, PPC’s  members discussed and put forward their ideas about draft reports and proposal regarding sáp vuốt tóc outcome of citizens reception, resolutions on complaints and denunciations resolutions  in 2013 and tasks and measures in 2014; The social-political security  in 2013 and orientations and tasks in 2014 ; Agenda and content of meetings hold by  PPC in 2014;  Plan on the number of administrative staffs in 2014.


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