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Bac Giang: Issuing Plan on implementation of Overseas Vietnamese affairs

The People’s Committee of Bac Giang province has issued Plan No.194/KH-UBND on implementing Resolution No.27/NQ-CP dated 5 May 2016 of the Government on overseas Vietnamese affairs 

Bac Giang compatriot association in Taiwan held an exchange program in October 2016

(Supplied by the association)

Accordingly, this plan aims to improve awareness of departments, branches, localities, cadres, officials, state employees and local citizens about position and role of affairs on overseas Vietnamese; having a thorough grasp of lines and policies of the communist party on renovation and enhancement the effectiveness of affairs on overseas Vietnamese in new situation; defining clearly duties, solutions; and specific responsibilities; making tight coordination among departments, branches and localities in implementing affairs on overseas Vietnamese. It is necessary to follow the provincial policies on affairs on overseas Vietnamese, bring into play the core role of departments, branches and civil unions; tightly cooperate among the party foreign affairs, state diplomacy, people-to-people and affairs on overseas Vietnamese; propagandize, mobilize and initialize policies, solutions to facilitate affairs on overseas Vietnamese generally and Bac Giang people living abroad particularly to contribute their knowledge, spirit and material resources to developing the country.

To implement effectively/ For effective implementation, the plan sets out detailed duty and solution groups such as: making effective propaganda ; supplementing and fulfilling mechanism and policies; promoting international cooperation and social cultural activities; attracting Vietnamese intelligentsias, scientists and businessmen overseas; to strengthen investment and trade activities; diversifying and improve the effectiveness of activity forms; consolidating the organizing of NVNONN; doing the coordination mechanism, emulation and commendation well.

                                                                                                                                                           Vân Nguyễn (dịch)                                                                                              

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