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Bac Giang People’s Committee received Ambassador of the Philipines

March 3, Mr. Nguyen Van Linh, Bac Giang People’s Committee receive Mr. Noel Servigon, Ambassador of the Philipines to Vietnam, accompanied by his spouse. The meeting was also attended by leaders of the Office of People’s Committee, Department of Foreign Affairs. 

Mr. Linh presented flower  to the spouse of the Ambassador on International Women’s Day

At the meeting, both the Ambassador of the Philipines and Chairman of Bac Giang People’s Committee took note of the advantages and potentials for cooperation between the Philipines and Vietnam generally and Bac Giang province in particularly ; agreed to support trading ties and services between two countries. 

Bac Giang People’s Committee received Ambassador of the Philipines

Mr. Linh expressed his honor to receive the Ambassador and the spouse to visit Bac Giang province. At the meeting, Mr. Linh briefted the information about geographical, natural, socio-economic conditions of the province. Mr. Linh hoped that the Ambassador would extend his concern to Bac Giang by recomending Philipino enterprises to understand, invest and exchange culture in Bac Giang during his term of office. In addition, in the coming time, Bac Giang will introduce students who would like to study abroad; dispatch staffs in charge of agriculture to attend courses hold by International Rice Research Institue. Esspecially, both sides can find ways to export some fruits such as lychee to the Philipines. 

The Ambassador expressed his wish to visit the Bac Giang in lychee season

Mr. Noel Servigon affirmed that recent meetings and exchanges between the two countries have opened up new opportunities for cooperation. At the same time, he expected that the Philippines will cooperate with Vietnam in general and Bac Giang province in particular in many fields such as economy, education, tourism and culture. Visit Bac Giang lin lychee season. Mr. Noel Servigon also added that, as the Philippine acts as the president of ASEAN, he would be interested in introducing lychee from Bac Giang province. The ambassador believed that his visit to Bac Giang will tighten the finely developed relationship between Vietnam and the Philippines.

Ambassador and his wife take a photo with the delegation

Earlier, the Ambassador and his wife visited Vinh Nghiem pagoda in Tri Yen commune (Yen Dung district). After listening to the history of the pagoda as a school of Buddhist preaching. The pagoda was considered as the birthplace of  the Trúc Lâm religious sect of Vietnam. The ambassador expressed his honor to set foot in the pagoda. He wrote his personal thoughts on visiting Vinh Nghiem Pagoda in the book of the pagoda.

Some photos of the Ambassador and his spouse  when visiting Vinh Nghiem Pagoda:





                                                                                                                                           Tin, ảnh: Trần Lan

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