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Connecting strength of community and supporting the homeland

With the motto “being active, flexible, creative, tightly coordinated and effective”, the provincial diplomatic activities, Ắc quy xe máy especially Vietnamese overseas affairs, have gradually been upgraded in both content and forms to keep up with the latest situation.

Bac Giang is a province with many citizens living and working abroad temporarily. The province has over 20,000 labours in foreign countries on temporary contracts and about 2000 cases of foreign marriage registration in such countries and territories as Taiwan, China, Korea, Czech, France, Japan, etc.

Since 2004, after the issuance of the Váy cưới Resolution No.36-NQ/TW of the Vietnam Communist Party Politburo on the overseas Vietnamese affairs, the Provincial Standing Party Committee has directed party committees and governments at all levels to study, grasp thoroughly and implement all the content of the resolution. In addition, the Party Civil Affairs Committee of the Provincial People’s Committee issued the Action Program on implementation of the resolution defining the overseas Vietnamese affairs was an important task to strengthen national solidarity, bring out the grassroots’ potentials and human resources for the development of the province. Accordingly, it has been of great importance to focus on the following tasks: popularizing the resolution content and noi that hoa phat diplomatic policy of Vietnam’s Communist party and Government and informing the provincial social, economic and cultural situation to overseas Vietnamese ; introducing laws and regulations of some countries to the provincial people before studying abroad, working abroad or getting married to foreigners. Simultaneously, it is essential to broaden cooperation relations with foreign organizations and individuals to mobilize and attract investment capitals like FDI and aid packages such as ODA, NGO; encouraging and creating favorable conditions for organizations and individuals to seek for investment opportunities in the province. Besides, the provincial friendship union annually holds training courses on people-to-people foreign affairs, Loa phóng thanh international non-governmental aid mobilization and overseas Vietnamese affairs for hundreds of public officials, the union’s members and staff working in the fatherland front agencies at all levels.

Especially, in January 2013, the establishment of Bac Giang Department of Foreign Affairs (DOFA) marked a turning point in the provincial foreign affairs. With the function of advising the provincial people’s committee to implement the state management on external affairs, DOFA’s leaders advised the provincial party committee, people’s committee to well deploy the instructions and resolutions of the Party and Government on foreign affairs, strengthen the Ắc quy ô tô provincial foreign information activities, coordinate to protect the provincial overseas people and strengthen international cooperation activities; etc. These activities have been guided to all sectors and localities under the regulations on foreign affairs, the actual situation and international rule. Therefore, the recent international cooperation activities of the province has contributed to promoting the provincial image and potentials and made use of the support of international friends and the overseas Bac Giang people community in conducting the provincial socio-economic máy xay thịt làm chả lụa development targets. In order to connect information and popularize image of Bac Giang people and tourism, the department of foreign affairs has launched its website and published the external bulletin in Vietnamese and English.

Over 10 years of implementing the Politburo’s resolution No.36, the investment attraction from overseas Vietnamese has got many outstanding results. By the attractive investment policies of the province, a lot of overseas Bac Giang people returned and invest in their hometown.  For example, Mr. Truong Viet Cong, who has even worked in Russia for 10 years, still decided to come back to the province to establish Thinh Phat Ocean import, Buồn nôn export and trading joint stock Company. With the primary capital of 180 billions Vietnamese dong, his company currently supplies permanent job for 1,200 local labors. Another example is the Dong Do hotel project of Czech-Vietnam limited company. According to the statistics of the provincial state bank, the amount of foreign currency transferred to the province through credit agencies annually increases. This is an important source making positive contribution to the hunger eradication and poverty reduction as well as socio-economic development of the province in the recent years.

It is known that overseas Bac Giang Nước cốt dừa people have established seven compatriot associations with forty branches attracting four thousand members. Although they are living far from the country, they still nurture and bring into play their patriotism and national pride, remain the cultural tradition and look toward their origin. On the traditional Tet holidays, the provincial friendship union and department of foreign affairs coordinate with related agencies to welcome Kinh Bac compatriot association in Czech, Bac Giang compatriot associations in Germany, Russia, etc to their home province. By these activities, they have good chances for mutual understanding and support and returning to the country. Annually, they raise funds to help poor households, the disadvantaged, relatives of soldiers killed in the wars and agent orange victims with many billions dong. For instance, Bac Giang compatriot association in Germany donated 4,000 euro to Nhạc cụ tiến mạnh help Bac Giang people to cope with the aftermath of the typhoon No.6 in 2008. Besides, Kinh Bac compatriot association in Czech visited and handed the presents valued over ten million dong to the provincial Centre for caring the disadvantaged children and supported twenty million dong for four families affected by agent orange in Tan Yen district.

Apart from the achieved results, Bac Giang people overseas affairs still face some difficulties such as the slow grasp and implementation of the Politburo’s resolution of some agencies, branches, gôm xịt tóc nam luxurious localities and organizations or the inadequate direction and management of people-to-people foreign activities which lack of investigation,  supervision and drawing experienced lessons. Many agencies and units have not paid attention to Bac Giang people overseas affairs. Oriented information supply for public organizations is still limited. The advocacy measures to raise awareness and knowledge of officials and the grassroots about international situation, policies of the communist party and government on overseas Vietnamese affairs have been insufficient and untimely. So far, the province has not made the tight cooperation mechanism between agencies, branches and Bac overseas Giang people. The protection for Vietnamese nationals and legal entities abroad have not been paid  regular attention while related issues have not been taken initiative. The statistics on overseas Bac Giang Gốm sứ bát tràng people also faces difficulties and is not regularly conducted.

In the upcoming time, in order to improve the overseas Vietnamese affairs of the province, the functional agencies need to focus on some key solutions as follows:

Firstly, the provincial standing party committee Máng xối continues to direct and grasp thoroughly on the importance and meanings of overseas Vietnamese affairs under the policy of national solidarity and the cause of construction and development of the province in the context of globalization and international economic integration.

Secondly, executive committees of the party hierarchy and agencies, branches, districts and city need to study and attach the content of overseas Vietnamese affairs into action plans on foreign affairs as setting up their general working schedules and programs.

Thirdly, agencies, units and localities ought to assign officials to take responsibility for overseas gôm xịt tóc Vietnamese affairs ensuring supervision of the implementation of government law and policies as well as regulations of the province on overseas Vietnamese. In addition, it is essential to timely resolve arising obstacles and tightly coordinate with related agencies in management and popularization activities.

Fourthly, it is necessary to strengthen popularization of guidelines and policies of the communist party and government to raise awareness of overseas Vietnamese affairs.

Fifthly, it is essential to accelerate human resource attraction dịch vụ seo of overseas Bac Giang people, take advantage of overseas Vietnamese, set up the database of Bac Giang people abroad, establish overseas Bac Giang people associations in foreign countries to connect the communities. Besides, methods of connecting Bac Giang people overseas should be diversified by the meetings of provincial leaders during their business trips or holding activities for overseas Vietnamese in the province.

Sixthly, it is necessary to set up cooperative mechanism among the relevant agencies for proper implementation of citizen protection.  

Seventhly, outstanding representatives of Bac Giang compatriot associations abroad should be invited to be members of Máng xối inox 304 the provincial fatherland front to timely seize the foreign policies of the province to inform to Bac Giang people community abroad.

Nguyen Hoang Trung, Deputy Director of Bac Giang Department of Foreign Affairs


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