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Daejin University (Korea) held voluntary activities in Yen Dung district

From 8th to 10th January, the working delegation of Daejin University headed by Mr. Kwon Ho, Director of International Affairs came to Yen Dung district for cultural exchange and gift giving.

At the discussion, Mr. Kwon Ho shared some information máy xay thịt làm giò chả of Daejin University, which was established in 1991 with the main functions of doing research and providing training in social science, art, technology, religion, etc. Until now, there have been about 15 thousands students undergoing undergraduate and master course here. The school lays down as a policy to award scholarships for overseas students and consider to arrange jobs in Korea or Vietnam for students under their demand of training. The university also carried out plenty of social welfare activities.

The leader of Yen Dung district acknowledged the concern đau đầu and support of Daejin group to the locality. Meanwhile, he also gave brief information of the district socio-economic situation and hoped this cultural exchange would contribute to strengthening solidarity and friendship between the university and the locality particularly, promoting cooperation in vocational training generally. In addition, the two sides discussed cooperation and investment opportunities in Yen Dung district. 




With in two days in Yen Dung district, the delegation held many meaningful voluntary Máy tăng âm activities such as giving 20 presents for the poor families, 10 presents for poor students having good results in study. Especially, Korean students had a chance to experience culture, traditional customs and country beauties at Nham Son commune. Moreover, the volunteer group went on a cultural exchange with Yen Dung High School No. 1.

                                                                                                                                                 Đăng Lâm

                                                                                                                                         Nguyen Van (dịch)

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