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Dramatic economic growth of Bac Giang province in 2017

16 November, Chairman of Bac Giang PPC Nguyen Van Linh chaired monthly meeting to evaluate the results of the socio-economic development tasks in 2017; main objectives, tasks and solutions in 2018. The meeting was attended by Mr. Tu Minh Hai, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Council; Vice Chairmen of the Provincial People's Committee: Lai Thanh Son, Duong Van Thai, Nguyen Thi Thu Ha; representatives of provincial agencies, units, departments, unions and chairmen of People's Committees of the districts and cities.

GRDP almost twice as high as national GDP

In 2017, the Party, authorities and people of minorities in Bac Giang have overcome difficulties and recorded many achievements. 13 out of 17 major targets have been met, which are higher than the planned targets.

The highlight is the growth of Gross Domestic Product (GRDP), at 13.2%, the highest increase ever (almost double national average). GRDP scale is estimated at over 67.2 trillion dong (equivalent to nearly 3 billion U.S dollars); The average GRDP per capita is estimated at 1,800 U.S dollars, up 124 U.S dollars compared to 2016.

The main driver of economic growth is the high growth rate of industrial production, especially in the last 6 months of the year; monthly industrial production index has increased about 30% over the same period. All economic sectors are stable and fast-growing. In particular, the foreign invested sector continued to increase at the highest rate, playing a key role in the province's industrial growth.

At the same time, service sector continues to develop. Production value is estimated at over 34.4 trillion dong, up 14.4% compared to 2016. Export value is estimated at USD 6.2 billion, surpassing 30.4% of the plan, up 70.8%.

Total state budget revenue is estimated at over 5.6 trillion VND, exceeding 21.7% of the estimate, of which domestic revenue is 4,625 billion VND, equaling 119.8%, import tax of 1,000 billion dong, accounting for 131.6% of the estimate.

Improving the Investment Climate

Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) in 2016 was seven times higher than that of 2015, ranking 33rd nationwide. Regarding investment attraction, from the beginning of the year till now, the province has attracted the total newly registered and supplemented capital of 2.21 billion U.S dollars (particularly foreign direct investment, the province ranks 8th in terms of number of projects and 11th in terms of registered capital).

The number of newly established enterprises increased sharply. From the beginning of the year to 15 November, there have been 1,144 newly established enterprises, up 60.5%. The province has basically completed the reorganization and transformation of cooperative models under the Law on Cooperatives in 2012; divested the capital at state-owned enterprises under the plan.

Culture, education, security and order gained dramatic results

Education quality is recognized to be comprehensive, keeping its status in the nation 's top education system. The project of renovating teaching and learning English in general schools in the 2016-2020 period has become a widespread movement, and the quality of teaching and learning has been raised. School facilities continued to be invested, the rate of national standard schools reachs 83.8%, 2.4 % compared to 2016.

Policies on social security, poverty reduction, people with merit continue to be paid attention. The province organized the 70th anniversary of the Vietnamese War Invalids and Martyrs’ Day to promote “paying debts of gratitude” activities and movements. The rate of poor households is estimated to be 9.55%, down by 2.38%; the rate of special difficult communes decreases by 4%.

Public administration reform is under strict management; effectiveness and efficiency of state management in various fields has been raised. Political security is maintained, social order and safety are kept stable. Traffic accidents are under control.

Giving priority to business development

At the meeting, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Linh praised efforts and results of agencies and localities at all levels in contributing to socio-economic development. The chairman also pointed out the difficulties facing the agricultural sector such as weather conditions and price instability; revenues from some sectors fail to meet the target, especially from non-state enterprises; violation of the law on protection of forest resources and environmental pollution still occurs; overloaded vehicles on roads remains to be a big problem provoking public controversy.

To overcome these constraints and to create sustainable development, the Chairman asked agencies at all levels to focus on creating most favorable conditions for business development. This should be implemented synchronously from province to grassroots level.

According to the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, in order to ensure the growth of the agriculture and forestry sector in the coming time, it is required to create a breakthrough in thinking. It is necessary to focus on building and actively implementing mechanisms to encourage and attract enterprises to invest in this field, which may stimulate the growth of value for agriculture and forestry.

At the same time, encourage enterprises to participate in the development of tourism services; pay special attention to land use planning in localities to preserve the landscape and nature for ecotourism development which is currently the strength of the province. .

Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Linh also required departments, branches and localities to highly concentrate on speeding up the implementation of key projects in the area; intensify the propagation and mobilization for people's agreement on land clearance; concentrate on the necessary conditions for early implementation of the project on waste treatment and environmental pollution in the locality; timely resolve the policy and policy of people with merits, especially on the coming Lunar New Year;  adjust the style and working style of the contingent of cadres, civil servants and officials; raise the efficiency and responsibility of state management agencies at all levels, branches and localities.

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