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In the context of international and regional changes, especially the Eastern Ắc quy xe máy Sea with complicated and unpredictable developments, the external activities of our country also changed flexibly and efficiently. The year 2014 has ended with such important milestones in the external activities of Vietnam especially in political and economic diplomatic affairs that produced comprehensive outcomes in all 3 goals as development, security and national status. Diplomatic activities do not only contribute máy xay thịt làm chả lụa to ensuring favorable international environment for the national development, but also support effectively the national defense, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In such conditions, the Party Committee and People's Committee of Bac Giang province have actively and timely monitored and evaluated the situation, strictly followed the guidelines and instructions of the Central Party and Government, and better directed all levels and departments đau đầu province-wide to ensure the provincial political security, social order and safety whilst promoting activeness and readiness of all sectors, localities, businesses and the people in the province in order to effectively conduct external affairs that contributed to promoting socio-economic development of the province.

External activities in 2014 have achieved some quite clear outcomes, especially in finalizing guidelines, plans and regulations on foreign affairs in the province-wide, conducting international integration, economic diplomacy; establishing and expanding friendship and cooperation ties with foreign agencies and organizations; attracting foreign direct investments, giường phụ khách sạn external information and cultural diplomacy; thereby contributing to promote and enhance the position and image of Bac Giang province; making good use of the support and assistance from foreign organizations and individuals; those results have contributed to improving the favorable environment for socio-economic development, international integration and security-defense of the province. Some specific outcomes in the following aspects:

Affairs regarding the finalization of guidelines and legal regulations on foreign affairs: The year 2014, The Provincial Party Committee and People’s Committee have actively and readily conducted the central Party's guidelines and State’s policies and regulations on foreign affairs Nước dừa in the province-wide, especially the affairs of international integration and economic diplomacy through building programs and plans, namely: The Provincial Party Executive Committee has built and issued the Action Program No 61-CTr/TU dated 30th June 2014 to deploy the Resolution 22-NQ/TW dated 19th April 2014 of the Politburo  on international integration; on that basis, the provincial People’s Committee has issued the Plan No 127/KH-UBND dated 26th September 2014 to deploy the Action Program No 61-CTr/TU of the Provincial Party Executive Committee on international integration. The affairs of legal document streamlining in external sector has been paid great attention by the provincial People’s Committee, such as: Issuing the Decision No 497/2014/QD-UBND dated 06th August 2014 regulating the management of foreign non-governmental organizations grants and activities in the province-wide, the Plan No 1192/KH-UBND dated 09th May 2014 of the Provincial People's Committee on deploying the cultural diplomacy Strategy of Bac Giang province in the period of 2014-2020

With regards to international Áo cưới integration: To actively and effectively carry out the Party’s policy on international integration, the Provincial Party Executive Committee has issued the Action Programme No. 61-CTr/TU dated 30th June 2014 to deploy the Resolution 22-NQ/TW dated 19th April 2014 of the Politburo on international integration; Bac Giang PPC has issued the Plan No. 127/KH-UBND dated 26th September 2014 to deploy the Action Programme No 61-CTr/TU of the Provincial Party Executive Committee on international integration; and also promulgated the Action Programme to implement the Resolution 49/NQ-CP dated 10th July 2014 of the Government to continue translating the Resolution of the 4th Central Party Committee Conference (the 10th Tenure) on the major guidelines and policies for fast and sustainable economic development when Vietnam is a member of the World Trade Organization. These are legal documents to specify the guidelines and the policies of the Party and the State on international integration, and constitute the basis for the departments, noi that hoa phat localities and enterprises in the province to implement effectively the international integration and economic diplomacy. In 2014, Bac Giang PPC collaborated with Ministry of Foreign Affairs to have held a dialogue on the international integration in Bac Giang for officials from the provincial sectors, localities and businesses, and public officers from 08 northern mountainous provinces; and held training course on the international non-governmental organization affairs for around 200 officials at division and communal levels of district and city.

In regard of strengthening international cooperation ties: Department of Foreign Affairs has actively advised the Provincial Party Standing Commission and the People's Committee in arranging plans to visit, receive and work  Ắc quy khô xe máy with the foreign diplomatic missions in Vietnam, international organizations, and other foreign institutions and businesses, such as: Exchange and cooperation with Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Asian Development Bank (ADB), JBIC, etc; Embassies of countries namely: Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, Belgium, Israel, Laos, etc; international organizations in Vietnam: UNDP, UNESCO, ILO, FAO, WHO, UNICEF, World Bank, etc. the Provincial Party Standing Committee and PPC also went contacting, worked and welcomed 36 foreign delegations; dispatched 10 delegations of provincial leaders to abroad for working, promoting investment and trade, and joining the central missions to go on business abroad. In general, reception of the international delegations and organization of out-going delegation ensured the high hospitality, safety, economical and efficiency.

In regards of economic diplomacy: The provincial People’s Committee has implemented effectively economic diplomatic affairs on the basis of fully utilizing all contents of the Plan No 01-KH/TU dated 10th November 2010 of the Provincial Party Executive Committee to deploy the Directive No 41-CT/TW dated 15th April 2010 of the Secretariat Commission of the Central Party Committee on strengthening thee economic diplomacy bán wax loreal in the acceleration period of national industrialization and modernization; directed to build and implement the programs and plans in order to deploy the Party and State guidelines and policies regarding the international integration with the focus of economic diplomacy and international economic integration; integrated the foreign affairs with the tasks of socio-economic development, so as to exploit effectively the outside resources, the support and help from foreign organizations and individuals in order  to achieve goals of the provincial socio-economic development. Thus, the provincial external economic activities in 2014 had made many positive, clear changes, and achieved some concrete results in the following aspects:

Results of foreign direct investment (FDI) attraction in 2014, Bac Giang province has issued investment certificate for 33 new FDI projects with total registered capital of US$ 197.1 million, making the total FDI projects in the Nhạc cụ tiến mạnh province of 166 projects with total registered capital of US$ 2,303 billion.

With regard to official development assistance (ODA) mobilization: With a view to actively mobilizing the ODA, every year, the province has actively built ODA proposal projects to call for the grant from foreign agencies and international organizations in Vietnam. In 2014, the provincial departments and localities have received and deployed 13 ODA projects with total committed value of over 9.65 million USD (decrease 02 projects and US$3.5 million in term of committed value compared to 2013). The disbursed value of all projects accounted for around US$ 3.8 million (equivalent to about 39.5% of total committed value).  

With regards to import and export performance: In 2014, the total import-export turnover of enterprises in Bac Giang province-wide estimated at USD 4.25 billion (including domestic and FDI firms). In which, import turnover reached US$ 2.15 billion, up 26% compared to 2013; exports reached US$ 2.1 billion, up 27% compared to 2013. The major exports are textiles, electronics, foodstuffs, processed fruits and vegetables. The major imported goods are machinery and equipment, electrics and electronics, supplies and materials for production.

In terms of foreign non-governmental grants: Thank to readiness in well conducting the grant promotion and mobilization, the close collaboration between the focal point and provincial sectors and localities in preparing programs and projects for aid mobilization; innovating and Gốm sứ bát tràng transferring aid mobilization to promoting and strengthening direct bilateral meetings with donors, that resulted in a relative high gained outcomes. Departments and localities in the province have received and implemented 36 INGOs programs and projects with total committed grant value of around US$ 2.4 million, the disbursed value is estimated at 2.0 million (approximately 82 % of total commitment). In addition, the provincial focal agency also coordinated with departments and localities to mobilize and receive 06 non-project aid programmes from foreign organizations and individuals with total value of about US$56,520 through such activities as: Handing wheelchairs to the disabled people, scholarships for poor students overcoming difficulties, handing bicycles to poor students, etc.

With regard to external information and cultural diplomacy: Under the Party's policies on promoting the external information dissemination and promotion, the Provincial Party Committee has directed the provincial department and localities to actively implement the dissemination and promotion of external information in order to introduce achievements of socio-economic development, Máng xối culture, society, environment, investment attraction policies, potentials, strengths, investment opportunities investment, the typical traits of the history, culture and Bac Giang people to investors, the domestic and foreign people with a view to enhancing the understanding, promoting cooperation and friendship, mobilizing the support of foreign organizations and individuals. The contents, formalities and methods of external information propagation and promotion have been innovated considerably; completing the website of external information in English and Vietnamese, developed and published the foreign affairs Bulletin in English and Vietnamese in order to strengthen the external information affairs to international friends. With a view to implementing effectively the cultural diplomacy, the province has issued the Action Plan on deploying Strategy of cultural diplomacy in period 2014-2020 so as to carry out tasks and solutions for building and developing culture, people of Vietnam to meet the needs of national development in accordance with Resolution of the Ninth Conference of Central Party Committee (XI); be active in international integration in terms of  culture, prevent negative social and cultural impacts in the process of international integration; at the same time actively conserve, preserve and promote the value of cultural heritages; linking external activities with cultural diplomacy on the occasion of the big local festival.

The out-going delegation management and the foreign delegation reception by all levels of party and authority have been strictly and closely directed in line with the Directive No. 38 of the Politburo; direction of the Prime Minister relating to policy of saving, efficiency gôm xịt tóc nam luxurious and cutting working delegations to foreign countries. According to the 2014 foreign affairs Plan, Bac Giang province scheduled 04 out-going delegations. However, in line with the saving policy, Bac Giang has not organized out-going delegations using the State budget. By the end of 2014, there have been around 3,700 provincial labors to work in foreign major countries, namely: Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, etc. The Provincial Party Committee and People’s Committee have actively paid working visits and welcomed 35 international delegations. In addition, there are 237 delegations with over 5,300 turns of foreign visitors to visit and work in the province in the fields as: Businesses, tourism, commerce, education, charity and family relative visits; the Provincial People’s Committee has approved of nearly 800 job positions for foreign labors to work for foreign-invested enterprises, making the total number of foreign labors working in the province be 1,150 people; managing and licensing work permits for foreigners have been conducted by the provincial functional agencies in compliance with regulations.

Regarding the People’s foreign affairs, and Overseas Vietnamese: There has been linkage of the people’s external affairs with the provincial external activities in view of carrying out some people’s external activities; and it is required to prepare the annual plan for meeting and working with international organizations and diplomatic missions in Vietnam, tấm inox prepare plan for the provincial leaders’ working delegation to go on business in foreign countries which have close and traditional cooperation ties with Vietnam and the province. Besides, the provincial People’s Committee has directed the localities and departments to well conduct the Party and State guidelines and policies concerning overseas Vietnamese affairs, guide and create all favorable conditions for overseas Vietnamese in travelling, residing and temporary staying; advise them to maintain close and constant contacts with their family, relatives and homeland; mobilizing overseas Bac Giang people community to look for investment opportunities, exchange information about the provincial socio-economic situation, people, history and culture of the province on the occasion of their homeland and relatives visits. The provincial leaders have met and discussed with the Bac Giang unions in Republic of Czech, Germany Federation, Russia, Slovakia, Poland, etc. on the occasions of their homeland visits.

The year 2015 is a year with many important events and activities of the country namely: Celebrating the Party Congress at all levels. Therefore, the provincial foreign affairs should continue closely following the Party and State policies, the social economic development plan of the country and the province to deploy; The emphasis is to enhance the readiness and positives of all departments, localities and enterprises in the province against clay wax the provincial affairs of international integration, economic diplomacy, taking full advantages of international cooperation in service of socio-economic development and economic integration of the province; ensuring the provincial security, defense, enhancing, introducing and advertising the image and position of Bac Giang province to international friends. All levels, sectors and businesses in the province should keep on deploying some key tasks as follows:

Firstly, all levels and sectors should continue jointly performing well their roles in advising the Provincial Party Executive Committee, the Provincial People's Council and People's Committee on foreign affairs, especially the affairs of international integration and economic diplomacy; coordinating closely with Vietnamese representative missions abroad in collaboration with meetings and works with the diplomatic missions in Vietnam in order to promote the dissemination of information about the provincial potentials, opportunities and investment cooperation needs to foreign organizations and individuals.

The second is to deploy effectively the affairs of international integration and economic diplomacy: Improving the effectiveness of international integration affairs with emphasis of international economic integration, external affairs, economic and cultural diplomacy, and people’s external affairs. In which, công ty seo there needs to strongly and actively implement all contents of the Central, Provincial Party and People’s Committee’s  resolution, directive, program and plan..

The third is to maintain and develop relationships with the partners which have had partnership with the province, namely: The foreign diplomatic missions in Vietnam; international cooperation agencies; representatives of international organizations in Vietnam; foreign non-governmental organizations; expanding cooperative ties with new partners, economic groups, big financial institutions in the region and the world as well; establishing friendship and cooperation at provincial level with foreign localities of countries which have traditional friendship and strategic partnership with Vietnam; actively counseling to build the plan of meeting and working with foreign organizations and individuals; plan for the provincial leaders’ working delegation to go on business in foreign countries which have close cooperation ties with the province.

The fourth is to positively reform investment procedure and environment: It is required to coordinate to improve the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI); and actively cooperate with foreign organizations and representative offices in Vietnam to strengthen the investment attraction and mobilization, select investment projects with the great potentials, enhance the management of investment project, bán đất phước tân fully respect the commitments and policies for investors in accordance with regulations.

The fifth is to strengthen the external information and cultural diplomacy: It is required to effectively conduct the  program of propaganda and external information, popularize and introduce the achievements of economic development, politics, culture and society, investment attraction policies, potentials, strengths, investment opportunities, historical tradition, culture and the people of Bac Giang to domestic and foreign investors, people with a view to contributing to enhancing understanding, cooperation and friendship with the foreign people and organizations, and ensuring political stability, social safety and order, raising the awareness of the people in the province about the Party and State foreign policy guidelines and policies, about the regional and the world situation as well; continue to implementing the Plan No 1192/KH-UBND dated 09th May 2014 of the Provincial People's Committee on deploying the cultural diplomacy Strategy of Bac Giang province in the period of 2014-2020.

The sixth is to well manage entry and exit delegations and evaluate the regional and international situation: Well managing the out-going delegations under the Directive 38-CT/TW dated 21st July 2014 of the Politburo; organizing the working delegations in foreign countries must ensure practicality, efficiency and economical; direct the provincial departments and localities to well manage the incoming delegations in accordance with regulations; regularly study and assess impact of the regional and international situation against the provincial socio-economic development, defense and security in order to make use of the opportunities and limit negative impacts./.

By Nguyen Van Linh 
Standing Vice Chairman of Bac Giang province

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