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As a long-standing residential area, Bac Giang’s history is close Ắc quy xe máy to history of the whole nation. During thousands of years of building and protecting the country, Bac Giang has played as a fence in the north of ancient Thang Long imperial city and current Hanoi.

Under dynasties of Hung Kings, Bac Giang belonged to of bộ Vu Ninh (bộ is the highest administrative unit at local level under dynasties of Hung Kings) of Van Lang ancient country; under Dinh (968-980) and Tien Le (980-1009) dynasty, it belonged to Long Bien district; under Ly- Tran dynasty, it belonged to lộ Bac Giang (lộ -the highest administrative unit at local level under Ly-Tran dynasties), gôm xịt tóc it belong to thừa tuyên Kinh Bac (thừa tuyên-  an administrative unit under Le dynasty )  under Hau Le dynasty then changed into trấn Kinh Bac and Bac Ninh (trấn is an administrative unit under Hau Le dynasty, relevant to a region) . Under Minh Mang dynasty, (1821), Bac Giang belonged to phủ Thien Phuc ( phủ - an administrative unit under Minh Mang dynasty, equivalent to district level) then renamed Bac Ninh province  in 1931. On October 10, 1895, Governor General of Indochina signed the decree to establish Bac Giang province based on separation of phủ Da Phuc and Lang Giang from Bac Ninh province. On 27 October 1962, Bac Giang was merged with Bắc Ninh into the new Ha Bac province. On 6 November máy viên thịt 1996 at the 10th Session of the 9th National Congress, Ha Bac province was separated into two provinces, Bac Ninh and Bac Giang. Administrative system of Bac Giang province ran into operation since 1 January 1997. 

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