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Japan Festival in Bac Giang province

On April 9, at Provincial Convention Center, Japanese Festival took place with many interesting activities. The festival was attended by the respresentatives of Bac Giang province including Mr. Nguyen Van Linh, Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee; Mr. Lai Thanh Son, Vice Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee; and some members of the Provincial Standing Party Committee:  Mr. Ngo Sach Thuc, Chairman of Bac Giang Father Front; Mr. Do Duc Ha, Chief of Provincial Department of Propaganda and Training; Mr. Tu Minh Hai,  standing member of Provincial People’s Council.

Chairman of PPC Mr. Nguyen Van Linh visiting exhibition booths.

Regarding Japanese representatives, the festival was attended by Ms. Yoko Anazawa, Chieft of Press and Culture Section and Ms. Yoko Tsuruya, First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan to Vietnam; Mr. Atsusuke Kawada, Chief Representative of the Japan External Trade Organization in Vietnam (JETRO Vietnam); Japanese enterprises and artists, volunteers, and Bac Giang people.

This event was supported by Bac Giang PPC, Embassy of Japan to Vietnam, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Japan Business Association in Vietnam (JBAV) and Japan External Trade Organization in Vietnam (JETRO Vietnam).

As a part of the festival/ At the festival, the delegates and Bac Giang citizens gained a deeper understanding about Japanese Culture and enjoyed high quality art performance including Japanese traditional songs and musical instruments like: Taisho-koto concert; the chorus of Wakodo, koinobori, chatsumi … and Karate performance by Japanese martial aritists.

Mr. Lai Thanh Son giving flowers to congratulate the Organizing Committee of Japanese festival in Bac Giang.

The artists of Bac Giang people also brought to the festival their performance of Vietnamese folk songs including “Quan ho” and “Trau Van”. People attending the festival also had a chance to learn more about the art of the tea ceremony, flower arranging (ikebana), origami, and calligraphy. In addition, there were food courts and exhibition booths to introduce products of Japanese enterprises in Bac Giang.

In the afternoon, audiences could enjoy a movie titled “‘Blowing in the wind in Vietnam’” produced by a Japanese film company in collaboration with Vietnam National Film Company, reflecting the finely-developed relations/ good relationship of Japanese people in Vietnam.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr Naya Setsuo, the senior volunteers of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Chairman of Organizing Committee affirmed that there are many Japanese enterprises based in Bac Giang and a considerable number of Japanese people working and living in the province.   

Mr Naya Setsuo, the senior volunteers of JICA, Chairman of the Organizing Committee speaking at the opening ceremony.

However, these Japanese enterprises and people have limited chance to exchange culture with Bac Giang people.  This festival is aimed to strengthen mutual understanding and to deepend friendship between the two sides and create opportunities for Japanese enterprises to introduce Japanese culture and their strengths. In addition, they would like to promote images and information about their own country in order to improve cultural understanding of the two nations, and to make use of potentials for cooperation in various fields.

Mr. Lai Thanh Son highly appreciated the efforts of the Organizing Committee, Japanese enterprises and volunteers in holding this festival. This festival helped tighten relations of Japanese enterprise with the government, and people of Bac Giang province. “Over the past years, the cooperation between Bac Giang province and Japanese partners have been established and developed in many different fields. Through the Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA, Bac Giang has received the supports from Japanese Government in implementation of some projects for the development of transport infrastructure, healthcare, education and environment sanitation” Mr. Lai Thanh Son stressed.   

The direct investment from Japan in the province have prospered, with 22 projects. Japan ranks the third in number of projects, the fifth in capital investment among the countries and territories investing in the province. Bac Giang will continue to guide, advise, support and facilitate Japanese enterprises in cooperation and investment. He also hoped that there will be many exchange activities between the two sides to enhance mutual understanding towards establishing Vietnamese - Japanese Friendship Association  of Bac Giang province.

On this occasion, on behalf of the province leaders, Mr. Lai Thanh Son gave flowers to congratulate the Organizing Committee of Japan Festival in Bac Giang.

Some images at Japan Festival  in Bac Giang:



The leaders of Bac Giang province and Japanese delegates at the meeting.

 Japanese artists performing Taisho-koto.

 Bac Giang residents enjoying Japanese tea at the festival.

Bac Giang artists showing  their folk performances.


Writing Japanese calligraphy and presented to the audience


The Japanese martial artists’  Karate performances.

 Bac Giang students learning the art of origami

Chairman Nguyen Van Linh taking photos with the participants and volunteers at the exchange.


                                                                                                                                                         Source: Bac Giang New

                                                                                                                                                         Translated: Bang Vu


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