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Memorable experiences as volunteers in Bac Giang

Nine thousand kilometers away from home, five hours time difference, Ắc quy xe máy a completely strange and foreign culture – why do five young people take all this upon them, to travel to Vietnam as volunteers instead of keeping track with our career in Germany?

On one hand it’s the thirst for adventure that tempts us to open this mysterious treasure chest filled with unfamiliar contents we did not know existed before. On the other hand it’s the thought of being a volunteer, coming from a rich country like Germany, leaving the luxury behind us that we have been taking for granted until now and giving back to people nhà hàng tiệc cưới who need our help. And we want to learn more, expand our horizons so we can return back to Germany as more mature young adults.

Eventually we ended up in Bắc Giang City. For one year we will work in one of two establishments: The Children’s Village and the Social Center. We have been here since August 2014 now and a lot has happened since we stepped out of the airplane in Hanoi. So what happened to all our wishes hopes and noi that hoa phat fears that we carried in us during our arrival? And how would we confront this new culture that was to date so unfamiliar to us?

After eight months of voluntary work there are many insights we have made through our labor but nothing is more satisfying than the careless laughter of a child as a result of our actions. With other Ắc quy ô tô words: In the beginning of our year abroad we would have never imagined that our work in the Children’s Village and in the Social Center would be so fulfilling. Our experiences with handicapped children, children with HIV, orphans and elderly in need overcome us constantly with moments of realization that what we do is not for nothing and that we are here for a reason. Work is hard but at the same time a lot of fun. By now we have a strong bond with the children and never leave their side as we play the important roles they need: a bigger sibling, a comforter and an entertainer. Máy xay giò chả We help within the facilities and organize from time to time small outings, which the children especially love.

Our work is more than just killing time during our work hours and “our” children have grown on us by now. They have become like small siblings to us with whom we share so many experiences and memories ù tai that will not be forgotten so easily. When our last workday arrives, it will definitely be a sad day filled with damp eyes that marks the end of a wonderful and fulfilling chapter.

Of course our ever day life does not only consist of work. “Đi chơi” belongs to one of our first Vietnamese vocabulary that we remembered and for a good reason, too: Vietnamese people are the most hospitable and curious people that we have ever met and there is hardly not Dầu dừa nguyên chất one day where we don’t meet up with our Vietnamese friends. How many legendary nights in the karaoke bars, how many refreshing bia hơi gatherings and delicious dinners will we have enjoyed after one year in Vietnam?

We all were very impressed at how open and warmly the Vietnamese people approached us. Their hospitality lead to many rewarding conversations, giving us the opportunity to make new friendships and Loa phóng thanh to boost our Vietnamese skills to a quite decent level. Because what is nicer than ending a hard working day with a refreshing Trà Dá or a few rounds of Bia Hơi together with Vietnamese friends?

In the beginning, we were afraid that we wouldn’t be able to integrate into the Vietnamese society and Nhạc cụ tiến mạnh would only stay among us German volunteers but after we arrived our fears went far away. There are so many things that we get to experience that ordinary tourists won’t: real Vietnamese weddings, the rich taste of delicate rice wine, exciting photo shootings in the elegant Áo dài, the delicious Vietnamese food- the list is endless. The trick is to try everything out, even if it feels unknown at first.

Of course there are also moments Máng xối inox 304 filled with homesickness, when we wish ourselves back home to our family and friends. Especially when Christmas is being celebrated in Germany and suddenly Vietnam seems very far away from our loved ones. Fortunately we are not alone in those moments because we have our roommates to support and comfort us. But there is not really a lot of time for being sad because before you know it, sáp xmen Chu Sen, our friend and the best tea seller in the town, calls us up and asks us: “Why don’t you come over? I’ll invite you for some tea!”

So five German volunteers in Bắc Giang go off to enjoy delicious tea in best Vietnamese company.

Johannes Tam, Anna Vogt, Lila Hồ, Christ Tin, Tamara Franz

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