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National target program on Sustainable poverty reduction in 2013-2015 period in Bac Giang province

Under framework of implementation of the Resolution 80/NQ-CP on sustainable poverty reduction for 2011-2020 issued by the Government of Viet Nam in 2011,  the people’s committee of Bac Giang province officially issued Plan no. 957/KH-UBND for implementation  of NTP-SPR in 2013-2015 period with the details as follows:

Overall goals:

Accelerate sustainable poverty reduction, minimize risks of new poor households  or households that fall back into poverty; gradually improve well-beings and livelihoods of the poor, particularly those in mountainous and ethnic minority areas,  in poor and less-favored districts, communes and villages;  make positive and comprehensive changes in  poverty reduction; narrow gap in living standards between urban and rural areas, among different regions, ethnic groups and populations.

Goals towards 2015

Reducing rate of poor household in the province to 8.5-9.0%;  aiming for no cases of those who render their services to nations falling into poverty in the province;  consistently and effectively implement pallet  poverty reduction policies to impove livelihood of the poor, notably in such fields as: transportation, healthcare, education, housing; helping the poor to have  access to basic social services at ease; invest in infrastructure for socio-economic development in the poor and extremely disadvantaged districts, communes and hamlets for the sake of new rural models, notably providing essestial  facilities in transportation, power grids, water, irrigation works, etc…with a view to lift 10% of extreemly disadvantaged communes out of  poverty.

Key targets by 2015

In 90% of communes, wide road to commune giường phụ khách sạn centers will be asphalted or concreted  as technical standards prescribed by  the Ministry of Communications and Transport. In 65% of communes, backbone roads will be hardened as standards prescribed by Ministry of Communications and Transport; small irrigation works meet over 80% irrigation  demand for crop area; 100% villages have electricity for living production and business; 95% of the poor at working-age undergo vocational training and get employed; over 95% of poor households who meet requirement and in need can access tham tu sai gon incentive credit loans for investment in production-business activities from Social Policy Bank; 100% of poor students are exempted from tution fee and supported with study costs as regulated by the Government; 100% of the poor in need of legal assistance can receive legal aid for free; 100%  of social protection beneficiaries who live in poverty can receive social benefits as regulated by  the Government; 100% of civil servants in charge of poverty reduction in communes and hamlets will be provided with training to impove their capacity in management and implementation of programs, policies and projects; make plans with locals’ involvement; foster community development.







Translated by Bang Vu


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