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Open letter

Dear readers,


Bac Giang Department of Foreign Affairs was established and officially came into operation on  January 1st ,2013. Regardless of facing difficulties as a newly-founded agency, both leaders and  officials of the department have demonstrated strong sense of solidarity to achieve the cognitive consistency, identify opportunities and challenges, figure out key tasks, actively improve legal institutions, build the diplomatic development orientation, etc… with a view to closely consulting the provincial government about the effective implementation of the comprehensive foreign policy on there key aspects of politics, economy and culture, and relations with Oversea Vietnamese in the international integration.


Our staff has been making every effort to perform their duties concerning advising Provicial Central Committee,  Provincial People's Councils  and Provicial People’s Committee about diplomatic activities of the Party, State and People so as to fulfill the increasingly demanding requirements of the diplomatic activites in the new context and to ensure the effective, consistent and comprehensive implementation of diplomatic activites and proactive international intergration. The motto: "Building the bridge, paving the way, setting a legal framework"  is intended to promote investment , trade and tourism in  Bac Giang for effectively contributing to socio-economic development, ensuring defense and security, and deepening Bac Giang’s  relations with foreign individuals and organisations.


In addition, the Department of Foreign Affairs has been actively expanding and developing external propaganda , making  Bac Giang internationally known as a friendly and potential investment destination. However, in the current trend of integration and globalization, the provincial external propaganda is required to achieve new progresses to make contribution to strengthening friendship, development cooperation and cultural exchange between Bac Giang and  the countries in the world. The establishment of the Website of Bac Giang Dofa  will serve as a bridge between Bac Giang Province and other countries and international organisations; between staff in charge of foreign affairs with partners including individuals, enterprises, and other organisations and international friends.


Visiting the website of Bac Giang Dofa will keep you updated with the latest and most accurate information on socio-economic development, mechanism, policy, investment and bussiness opportunites in Bac Giang; policy of the Party and State towards Oversea Vietnammese; instructions and assistances provided for Vietnammese, especially Oversea Bac Giang people who invest in the province. Particularly, this is the vital source of information for domestic bussinesses to explore cooperation opportunity with foreign partners. We hope to receive feedback from our dear readers on its substance and presentation, so that we can further improve not only this website but also the province’s external activites in the future.


Welcome to Website of Bac Giang Dofa!



Director of Bac Giang Dofa




Do Quoc Tuan


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