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Bản tin đối ngoại Bắc Giang

The External Bulletin no 15 is published to review external activities and events of Bac Giang province in the 2nd Quarter of 2018 towards the 19th National Conference on External Affairs. Besides, it is aimed to promote Bac Giang's image to domestic and foreign readers.
Bac Giang Department of Foreign Affairs published External Bulletin No 10 to welcome the Year of Rooster 2017, highlight some outstanding events of Bac Giang Foreign Affairs in 2016 and introduce some articles in foreign affairs and Tet celebration of overseas Bac Giang people.
Bac Giang Department of Foreign Affairs has published Bac Giang External Bulletin to highlight some events of the province in the third quarter of 2016; introduce articles in foreign affairs; introduce image of Bac Giang province to international friends and guide public procedures...
Bac Giang External Bulletin No.6 was to highlight the external activities of the province in the fourth quarter 2015, welcome ASEAN Community and the event of Vietnam's participation in TPP...
Bac Giang external bullentin No. 5 was establish on the 70th anniversary of Vietnam's diplomacy (28 August 1945- 28 August 2015) and the National Day (2 September 1945- 2 September 2015)

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