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The two-member team of the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) filming in Bac Giang province

23-24 December, Bac Giang, the two-member team of the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) accompanied by a representative of KOICA Vietnam Office worked at the Vietnam-Korea Vocational College of Technology based at Dinh Tri commune (Bac Giang city) as part Dầu dừa nguyên chất of a documentary film in Vietnam titled “Korean Youth – Part 2 – Youth Spirit in the Future”

The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) filming in VKTech

This documentary film is about volunteer programs of Korea in developing Ắc quy xe máy countries including Vietnam and encourage the volunteerism in Korea. The film is expected to show on KBS TV on January 1, 2016.

The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) filming in VKTech

At this college, the two-member KBS TV team gained Thiết kế nội thất căn hộ chung cư some general information about VKTech and the KOICA volunteers’ activities which have been implemented so far. Since 2013, 7 experts in a number of key areas such as: Electricity, Electrics, Information Technology, Automobile and Mechanic and 13 volunteers have been dispatched by KOICA to the college. Basically, they have made practical contribution to enhancing teaching experience and professional expertise of lecturers. In addition, they have provided some training in Korean seba wax  language knowledge and skills for students. The KBS team also filmed the activities by these KOICA volunteers who work as teacher assistants. 

The Vietnam-Korea Vocational College of Technology covers an area of 10 hectares, funded by the Korean Government through KOICA Vietnam Office. There are about more than 800 students in the departments of mechanics, hoa phat electricity,  electronics, automobile… The teacher team who have university degrees or higher have been selected through a difficult recruitment procedure. Some officials and teachers have undergone training programs in Korea.

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