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YWAM hands scholarships to good pupils with difficulties on the occasion of new school year.

Upon the approval of Chairman of Bac Giang Provincial People’s Committee concerning the reception of YWAM’s scholarships, Ắc quy xe máy on August 18th 2014, the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) collaborated with Department of Foreign Affairs and the People's Committees of 03 communes: Bac Lung, Kham Lang and Bao Son (Luc Nam District) to hold the scholarship handing ceremony to good pupils with difficulties. Attending the ceremony, there were Mrs. Roslyn Jackson – Country Director of YWAM to Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Quang Tuan - Deputy Director of Department of Foreign Affairs, Máy xay giò chả leaders and management boards of elementary & secondary schools from 03 communes.

Mrs. Roslyn Jackson –Country Director of YWAM handing scholarships to good pupils with difficult situation in Bao Son Commune, Luc Nam district


Over past 10 years, the YWAM has implemented more giường phụ khách sạn than 10 grant projects in Bac Giang province with total disbursed value of about US$ 500000 (more than 10 billion dong). YWAM’s projects aimed at supporting local people in 03 communes such as: Kham Lang, Bac Lung and Bao Son of Luc Nam District in the areas: Poverty reduction, agricultural and integrated rural development, supporting pupils with difficulties. During its operations in localities, the YWAM had cooperated closely with the functional authorities and local governments, complied with legal provisions relating to NGOs’ grant aids, actively and effectively performed the committed programs and projects.

This handover of scholarships held when pupils with difficulties enter new school-year were meaningful and Buồn nôn realistic gifts that contributed to complimenting and motivating the difficult pupils to actively overcome difficulties in their lives in order to achieve better results in their studies.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Tuan –Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs Department handing scholarships to pupils with difficulties in Kham Lang commune, Luc Nam Dist.


Speaking at the Tinh dầu dừa ceremony, Mrs. Roslyn Jackson emphasized the lives of pupils as a house but if they want to have a big and nice house, they have to build stable walls themselves on the available bases that their families and teachers provided them. She also hopes that these scholarships will help pupils to build such solid walls that they will have a bright future and become good citizens for their homeland and the country sáp vuốt tóc clay wax as well later on./.

By Nguy Thi Thu, ICD of Bac Giang DOFA

(Translated by Tran Van Thong)

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